IDNPLAY is a Cambodian software and IT solutions company, specializing in multiplayer games and online gaming products. The company also provides a range of services to its clients, including strategic solutions, digital design, application development, and website development. In 2010, IDNPLAY began operations in Cambodia, introducing the first online poker platform to the country. It also offers a variety of other gaming products, including online casino games and sportsbook services.

IDN Play’s revenue is estimated at around four million dollars a year. It has developed quickly, catching up to its competitors, and is constantly working with international companies to provide the best products to its clients. Its focus on Asian markets has allowed it to grow much faster than most of its competitors. The company’s website is compatible with all types of smartphones, including iPhones, Android devices, and BlackBerrys. As a result, IDN Play’s revenue is projected to increase substantially over the next few years.

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