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The International Poker Federation, or FIDPA, has compiled its own set of rules for the game. The rules are freely available online and can be downloaded for free. These rules were established by Marcel Luske, a Dutch poker professional. These rules are now used in most major poker tournaments around the world. These rules were developed in 2008 and are available on the FIDPA website. A copy of the poker rules is available for download on the FIDPA website.

Dead cards and hands are non-playable. During a poker game, the dead collection blind is posted by the dealer. Dead hands are not legally playable. A dead hand is not considered a winning hand. In some games, players may choose to call an opponent’s bet, check-raise, or raise. If their opponent bets, they must raise by the same amount. The official poker rules also specify a fee called COLLECTION, which is collected from the pot and from each player.