The History of the Official Lottery

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The history of the official lottery dates back to the 14th century, when the Low Countries and England relied on lotteries for their economic needs. These were a common method of raising money to build fortifications, but they soon became a form of fundraising for charity and public works, as well.

During the colonial period, the American government used lottery money to finance the construction of several colleges: Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. It also attempted to use the lottery to finance the Revolutionary War.

However, these efforts to use the lottery as a means of generating revenue proved unreliable, and the practice was ultimately abandoned. The United States did, however, become the home of many state lotteries.

Its emergence was driven by growing awareness of the financial potential of the lottery business, and by a crisis in state funding. Its proponents argued that legalizing the game would help the state to balance its budget without having to raise taxes or cut services.

This argument did not go down well with voters, who were conditioned to believe that the state could not survive without taxation. That stance made it difficult for politicians to balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting social services.