The Official Poker Shuffles & Cuts DVD-Volume 1

If you are looking for a comprehensive DVD series on card games, look no further than the Official Poker Shuffles & Cuts DVD-Volume 1. This series teaches every card tricks you could ever dream of, from the basic shuffles and cuts to flashy tricks like the “Crazy Cut,” a dazzling five-packet cut reminiscent of Chris Kenner’s ‘Sybil’ trick. And with fifty different moves covered, you’ll have enough material to keep you busy for weeks on end.

The rules of the game are the same as in live games, with one major difference: no change of seat after the first round. Each paid-in player is dealt with one set of starting chips by the director. If no player has been present, all the chips needed for blinds and antes are placed into the pot. However, if a player is consistently absent, his or her chips will be surrendered to the pot, even if it is a low-roller.

Before Texas Hold’em’s explosion, five-card draw was the most popular poker game. The game involves five cards for each player and one betting round. Each player then draws their hands. The game ends with a showdown. All players are permitted to trade up to three cards for one new card. The five community cards are also turned over at the same time. However, unlike in Texas Hold’em, the five community cards are only used once, and the player is only allowed to use two of his own.

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