What Is Official Betting?

Official Betting is betting that takes place on games, events or matches that are sanctioned by a national sports governing body. These sports include the NFL and the NHL.

The National Football League is by far the biggest sport in the United States and its games are heavily bet on. However, other major American sporting events such as soccer and hockey also attract a sizeable amount of money bet on them.

Some states allow online sports betting only, while others permit retail (in-person) betting at brick-and-mortar casinos and other locations. Generally, this limits the market size, but also allows for greater competition among bookmakers.

Most of the country’s top sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options, including live in-play wagering. These bets are very popular because they give bettors the opportunity to follow their teams’ progress in real time, as they change their lineup and adjust their strategies throughout the game.

A number of different markets can be settled based on specific rules or statistical guidelines. These include player markets, such as total bases, pitch result and pitch count, and team markets, such as team scoring first.

In-Play Plate Appearance/Pitch Result/Pitch Count and Live Plate Appearance markets will be settled when the relevant inning is complete, as long as the bettors are claiming that they’ve placed a live wager on that inning. The game must be final in order to settle these markets, and the necessary statistics must be available on the league’s official website or by the league’s statistical provider.