What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is any wager that is settled on the basis of information provided by an official governing body. This includes market prices, points totals, game results, etc. Any bets that are placed on a market that has been officially closed will not be settled and stakes will be returned. This excludes market prices for specific scoring plays (touchdown vs field goal, safety, defensive touchdowns) and any other markets that have been specifically closed by the official governing body.

PURDUM: The NFL’s stance was that sports betting would be a threat to the integrity of their games, but now that 34 U.S. states have legalized it, they’re looking at ways to make a profit from it and their desire to control the data that’s used to settle bets is front and center. They’re pushing for official league data mandates, a move that has supplanted the integrity fee as their preferred method of getting a slice of US sports betting revenue.

In a market where there are match bets, both players must start the game for these bets to stand. If either player is deemed inactive by the NFL prior to kickoff, then all bets on this market will be void. This does not include players who are injured, ill, or ineligible to play. Unless otherwise stated, all prop bets on players must be played to settle. An if bet consists of two straight bets joined by an ‘if’ clause, which determines the wagering process.